We’re Almost There!

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We’re Almost There!

We are getting closer to putting cars on the road, but we need 8 more members!

Please help us out by spreading the word about InCar!

Our Film Night on May 27th was successful and brought us 3 additional new members. Thanks to all those that came out to support us!

InCar Member Profile: Marg Archibald

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InCar Member Profile: Marg Archibald




Marg Archibald signed up with InCar as soon as we were accepting memberships in mid-2014. She’s been a big supporter ever since. Join Marg, and become a member of InCar!


Tell us a bit about yourself.

As a walker and cyclist, I would always choose to live downtown, close to amenities, culture and the heart of the city. Now happily retired, I write, garden, entertain and do errands on foot and my new, recumbent trike.

Driving a car is still fun but owning a car, increasingly, has felt like the waste of a good garage. And a galling expense line in my budget. I began to imagine sharing my car with someone, maybe a few people, that lived close together.

When I heard a group was working to form a Kamloops carsharing system, I sold my car, bought bus tickets, and put down my membership money.


Why did you decide to join InCar?

There are two – or three – yawning problems that my recumbent trike will not solve. First of all, taking yard waste to the dump. Several times in the gardening season I had my car trunk packed to the gills with compost bags. Not going to fly on the bus. A taxi probably wouldn’t take me. One hates to do “the right thing” and give up ones car only to lean on car-owning friends.

Second: what happens when people come to town? Bus service to the airport is sadly hopeless at present. The shuttle is fine for oneself but a young grandson, flying in, being told to get on the shuttle — that’s just not on.

Then there is the evening gala, decked out in rhinestones and needing to get back home when bus service becomes sparse.


How will carsharing work for you?

Carsharing offers exactly that stop-gap of an independent vehicle. It covers the missing piece. It ensures that I do not draw on friends for those occasions and that is critical for me.


What would you advise people who are thinking about joining InCar? 

Like any new adventure, going carless begins with imagining it. Imagine not paying car insurance, repairs, that big budget line which is particularly galling if you go for days without using your car. It takes realistic shape if you like walking or riding a bike and can see yourself getting to and from work and the majority of your habitual outings on foot or some other way. That’s ideal. Then explore the city transit system, which amazed and delighted me. Walking, bussing, cycling and a shared car, that’s the wave of the future.

There was a time that owning a car was a huge step into adulthood and Independence. Now we are learning to care about our environment and our planet and know the harm we are doing with that indulgence. And we know moving our bodies is better for us than almost anything else we do. InCar provides the opportunity to live the urban life of the future and I am proud to be a charter member.

PS: You can probably give up the gym membership too, another saving.


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CBC The National looks at how cities have been designed previously to accommodate vehicles and how we can redesign them to benefit people moving forward.

CBC The National – How Cities Make us Sick


Interior CarShare awarded $15,000 grant

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cheque presentation with Dylan and ISC
The Interior CarShare Co-operative (InCar) is pleased to announce that Interior Savings Credit Union has provided the organization with $15,000 in seed funding.
“This generous grant means we’re one step closer to getting vehicles on the road,” said Dylan Houlihan, Acting President of InCar.Interior Savings presented Interior CarShare Co-operative (InCar) with the cheque at InCar’s Info Session last week.”Interior Savings is pleased to support InCar with this grant. Initiatives like carsharing align well with our mission of supporting sustainable community development,” says Gene Creelman, Interior Savings’ Senior VP of Member and Community Engagement.

In addition to its financial support, Interior Savings has also become an organizational member of InCar, joining Urban Systems, Kamloops Innovation and other businesses.
InCar still needs a few more members to sign up before it can start operations, says Houlihan. To find out more about becoming an individual, family or business member,  contact

Should we get a truck?

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Should we get a truck?

Will InCar get a truck?

Kamloops is often seen as having a truck culture. The fact is if you are out and about in Kamloops, you will see a lot of trucks out on the road. According to the Community Energy and Emissions Inventory prepared for Kamloops, there are over 24,000 gas powered trucks, vans and SUVs and another 800 diesel trucks. We are often asked if InCar will get a truck. Our answer to that question is perhaps. Some of the initial results of our survey indicate that there is a strong preference for a truck. When we talk to people they often tell us that we should get a truck. Given Kamloops truck culture, it seems obvious…


We’re not sure. And there are a number of reasons that we’re not sure. These include:

1.) Trucks are generally more expensive to purchase and operate – we are committed to having high quality, gently used vehicles in our fleet. Higher quality, gently used trucks are expensive to buy and then to operate. They use more fuel, require more expensive tires, and would likely be more expensive to insure. And it is likely they will experience more wear and tear due to people using them for moving furniture and yard waste.

2.) People often only need a truck once in a while – one person who said that we should get a truck said she’d use it once every few months. This is a common theme as many people who tell us they would like us to have a truck say they would only use it once in a while. We need our vehicles being driven on a consistent basis so that we can generate revenue to pay for our expenses.

3.) Trucks are likely going to be mainly on weekends – most people are going to be using trucks on weekends for moving furniture and yard waste. During the week, it is likely the truck will be sitting idle not moving and not generating revenue. Cars are generally used throughout the week and on weekends which enables us greater opportunities to generate revenue.

So, will we get a truck?

We want to be responsive to the needs and desires of our members and our market. We know that a truck will get at least some use and that one of the perks of being part of a car share is getting access to a variety of vehicles.

If InCar has good results with the first few cars we acquire, we will likely be in a good position to have a truck in our fleet at some point. Our friends at OGO CarShare recently acquired a small 2003 Mazda B2300 truck to complement their fleet.

Help us by giving your input –  we want to hear from you.

Fill out our survey and let us know if having a truck in the fleet will be important to you joining InCar. The survey is here:


Take Our Survey – We Want Your Input

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Take Our Survey – We Want Your Input

Please take time to complete this quick survey on carsharing – it won’t take more than a few minutes of your time but will greatly help us get carsharing in Kamloops off the ground!

We are seeking information from the citizens of Kamloops in regards to their interest level in joining and using a carshare program. By completing this survey you will be helping us make some important decisions needed to start carsharing in Kamloops –  from determining the neighborhoods that it would work best to start in, to the type of vehicles we will purchase.

We appreciate your input and would love for you to pass the survey onto your friends as well.

Why Carshare?

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Why Carshare?

As we embark on establishing InCar in Kamloops, we are often asked by people why they should join a carshare program. While we think there are many great reasons to join the carshare, if you answer yes to any of the following questions, carshare might be a good option for you.

Do you use your car sparingly?

Perhaps you own a vehicle but you use your car sparingly. You mainly walk to work and use your car for things like getting groceries and meeting friends. If this is the case, joining a carshare may save you some cash.

Do you have a need for ‘one and a half’ vehicles?

Are you a single car family that sometimes find its a bit chaotic getting places and think that maybe a second car would be helpful but don’t really need a second car all the time? Given that the cost of owning and operating a vehicle is estimated to be $9500 per year, it does not make financial sense to have the second vehicle if it is not going to be used on a regular basis. Belonging to a carshare can help you through those occasional instances where you need two vehicles, but at a fraction of the annual cost.

Do you hate car maintenance?

Maintaining a car can be a hassle. The simple things such as filling it with gas, getting oil changes and changing tires along with the unexpected surprises such as big repair bills can add costs and frustration. When you are part of a carshare, this is taken care of for you. You will always have access to a well maintained vehicle.

Do drive less than 30 hours and 1500 km in every month?

According to our rate structure, you would pay approximately $720 per month for this level of usage. While that likely sounds pricey, according to Statistics Canada, the average Canadian vehicle owner spends approximately $792 per month to own and operate a vehicle. Carsharing could enable you to save significant amounts of money.

Welcome to the Interior Car Share website

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Welcome to the Interior Car Share website

We hope you like the new site! Feel free to look around and if you have any comments please contact us at