car lookout_FAQ

Is Kamloops really ready for a carshare?

We think so. We had more than 200 responses to our initial survey demonstrating keen interest, especially from residents living downtown and on the North Shore. Based on this information we will start the carshare with vehicle(s) in the downtown core and/or on the Northshore.

When will the cars be on the road?

We plan to have vehicles on the road in early 2015. In order to make this happen, we need 35 founding Shareholding members. We have received some grant funding and are continuing to apply for grants and look for partnerships that can help us grow.

What kind of vehicles will there be?

We’re looking at starting with a minimum of two lightly used, fuel-efficient vehicles.

What if I need to cancel my booking?

Bookings can be cancelled without penalty 24 hours or more in advance. If less than 24 hours is given a penalty charge will be applied.

Isn’t it cheaper just to rent a car?

Carsharing fits the need for shorter, local trips around the city for times you wished you had a vehicle. After booking a carshare vehicle for a couple days it will become cheaper to rent a car. To view a trip calculator check out Modo car co-op at www.modo.coop/calculator/trip.

Why is there a $500 membership share?

InCar is a registered non-profit co-operative society. As a co-operative, we’re operated by members, for members. Becoming a full Shareholding Member means making an initial investment of a $500 membership share and being a part of the decision making of the co-operative. The $500 is refundable if you ever decide to leave the co-op.

How were the rates set?

We have based our rates of shares and user fees on those used in other co-operative carshares operating in Canada.

Who maintains the vehicles?

InCar will be run by volunteers until an administrator can be hired. The volunteers will wash, vacuum and be responsible for getting the vehicle serviced regularly. Drivers are asked to fill up the gas tank if it is less than half when you are dropping off the vehicle. Filling up must happen during your booked time. Gas will be covered by a gas card for a designated gas station or if paid by the member, will be credited to their bill upon providing a copy of the receipt.

How can I pay my invoices?

Invoices can be paid by paypal, cash or cheque.

Can my friends or family drive the vehicle I access?

No, only the member that is an approved driver for InCar can operate the vehicle.

How will the Co-op ensure that the car is available and in good condition?

The people who join carshares are individuals that are excited about how this transportation option can benefit them; therefore, most carshares report little abuse or neglect of their vehicles, however things do happen. A penalty fee schedule will be created and applied in cases of vehicles being damaged, returned late, etc. to discourage actions that prevent the car from remaining in good condition and available to others.
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Give me an idea of what my trip will cost?

Here are some samples:

A member accesses the car at Lansdowne and they drive the car to Home Depot and then to Costco and return it in 2 hours.
Distance: Lansdowne to Home Depot – 5.5 km, Home Depot to Costco – 1.5 km, return 7 km
Cost for kilometer usage: 14 km @ $0.40/km = $5.6
Cost for time usage: 2 hours @ $4/hr= $8
Total cost of trip = $13.60

Member accesses car at Lansdowne, drives to Art Knapps and Home Hardware and returns in 3 hours.
Distance: Lansdowne to Art Napp and Home Hardware – 5.4 kms, return 5.4 kms
Cost of kilometer usage: 10.8 km @ $0.40 = $4.32
Cost for time usage: 3 hours @ $4/hr= $12
Total cost of trip = $16.32

Member accesses car at Northills Mall and drives to Princess Auto and back, returning in 1.5 hours.
Distance: Northills Mall to Princess Auto – 10 kms, return 10 kms
Cost of kilometer usage: 20 km @ $0.40 = $8
Cost for time usage: 1.5 hours @ $4/hr= $6
Total cost of trip = $14

Member accesses car at Lansdowne and drives to airport and back, returning in 1 hour.
Distance: Lansdowne to Airport – 11 kms, return 11 kms
Cost of kilometer usage: 22 km @ $0.40 = $8.8
Cost for time usage: 1 hours @ $4/hr= $4
Total cost of trip = $12.80