How it Works

Carsharing allows members access to a fleet of vehicles owned by the co-operative on an as-needed basis. Members receive all the benefits of car ownership without any of the hassles. The costs of fuel, insurance and maintenance are included in the usage fees. To see the costs of membership please go to the Join page.
Carsharing began in 1987 in Switzerland, and the first Canadian carshare was formed in 1993. In British Columbia there are several successful carshare co-ops operating including: Vancouver, Victoria, Nanaimo, the Kootenays, and Kelowna.


Accessing Vehicles

Vehicles will be located in designated parking spots in locations close to registered members and to bus access. Carsharing is for round trips so vehicles must be dropped off at the same location they are picked up.
Vehicles will be equipped with key fob technology so members can access vehicles through “fobbing” in and out of the vehicles during their reserved time slot and the kilometer and time usage will automatically be tracked.


Booking a vehicle is easy and convenient as members can use a computer or smartphone to reserve a car through the online reservation system. Cars can be booked for as little or as long as needed based 30 minute increments. Members are encouraged to book in advance to ensure the vehicle is available when needed; however, you will be able to book online right up to the time that you want to take the car if it is still available. If you need to extend the time that you have booked the vehicle, you can do so by logging into the system during your booking to reserve more time as long as it is not already reserved by someone else.


Members will be billed monthly through electronic invoices. Bills will summarize monthly usage based on kilometers driven and time used. If members need to fill the gas tank, they can submit receipts to InCar through email and the amount submitted for gas will be deducted from their bill. If there is no usage for Shareholding members in the month, there is no charge.