Should we get a truck?

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Should we get a truck?

Will InCar get a truck?

Kamloops is often seen as having a truck culture. The fact is if you are out and about in Kamloops, you will see a lot of trucks out on the road. According to the Community Energy and Emissions Inventory prepared for Kamloops, there are over 24,000 gas powered trucks, vans and SUVs and another 800 diesel trucks. We are often asked if InCar will get a truck. Our answer to that question is perhaps. Some of the initial results of our survey indicate that there is a strong preference for a truck. When we talk to people they often tell us that we should get a truck. Given Kamloops truck culture, it seems obvious…


We’re not sure. And there are a number of reasons that we’re not sure. These include:

1.) Trucks are generally more expensive to purchase and operate – we are committed to having high quality, gently used vehicles in our fleet. Higher quality, gently used trucks are expensive to buy and then to operate. They use more fuel, require more expensive tires, and would likely be more expensive to insure. And it is likely they will experience more wear and tear due to people using them for moving furniture and yard waste.

2.) People often only need a truck once in a while – one person who said that we should get a truck said she’d use it once every few months. This is a common theme as many people who tell us they would like us to have a truck say they would only use it once in a while. We need our vehicles being driven on a consistent basis so that we can generate revenue to pay for our expenses.

3.) Trucks are likely going to be mainly on weekends – most people are going to be using trucks on weekends for moving furniture and yard waste. During the week, it is likely the truck will be sitting idle not moving and not generating revenue. Cars are generally used throughout the week and on weekends which enables us greater opportunities to generate revenue.

So, will we get a truck?

We want to be responsive to the needs and desires of our members and our market. We know that a truck will get at least some use and that one of the perks of being part of a car share is getting access to a variety of vehicles.

If InCar has good results with the first few cars we acquire, we will likely be in a good position to have a truck in our fleet at some point. Our friends at OGO CarShare recently acquired a small 2003 Mazda B2300 truck to complement their fleet.

Help us by giving your input –  we want to hear from you.

Fill out our survey and let us know if having a truck in the fleet will be important to you joining InCar. The survey is here: