About InCar

We are a committed group of Kamloops citizens passionate about bringing carsharing to Kamloops and have been working on this concept since November 2013. Interior CarShare Cooperative (InCar) was registered as a non-profit cooperative organization on February 11th, 2014.

Our vision is to provide a sustainable, economical and environmentally friendly transportation alternative to Kamloops through carsharing.

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Recent Blog Posts

June 2, 2015 |

We’re Almost There!

We are getting closer to putting cars on the road, but we need 8 more members! Please help us out by spreading the word about InCar! Our Film Night on May 27th was successful and brought us 3 additional new members. Thanks to all those that came out to support...

May 25, 2015 |

InCar Member Profile: Marg Archibald

      Marg Archibald signed up with InCar as soon as we were accepting memberships in mid-2014. She’s been a big supporter ever since. Join Marg, and become a member of InCar!   Tell us a bit about yourself. As a walker and cyclist, I would always choose to live downtown, close to amenities, culture and the heart of the city. Now happily retired, I write, garden, entertain and do errands on foot and my new, recumbent trike. Driving a car is still fun but owning a car, increasingly, has felt like the waste of a good garage. And a galling expense line in my budget. I began to imagine sharing my car...

March 14, 2015 |


CBC The National looks at how cities have been designed previously to accommodate vehicles and how we can redesign them to benefit people moving forward. CBC The National – How Cities Make us Sick...

March 5, 2015 |

Interior CarShare awarded $15,000 grant

The Interior CarShare Co-operative (InCar) is pleased to announce that Interior Savings Credit Union has provided the organization with $15,000 in seed funding. “This generous grant means we’re one step closer to getting vehicles on the road,” said Dylan Houlihan, Acting President of InCar.Interior Savings presented Interior CarShare Co-operative (InCar) with the cheque at InCar’s Info Session last week.”Interior Savings is pleased to support InCar with this grant. Initiatives like carsharing align well with our mission of supporting sustainable community development,” says Gene Creelman, Interior Savings’ Senior VP of Member and Community Engagement. In addition to its financial support, Interior Savings has also become an organizational member of InCar, joining Urban Systems, Kamloops Innovation and other businesses. InCar still needs a...

February 9, 2015 |

Should we get a truck?

Will InCar get a truck? Kamloops is often seen as having a truck culture. The fact is if you are out and about in Kamloops, you will see a lot of trucks out on the road. According to the Community Energy and Emissions Inventory prepared for Kamloops, there are over 24,000 gas powered trucks, vans and SUVs and another 800 diesel trucks. We are often asked if InCar will get a truck. Our answer to that question is perhaps. Some of the initial results of our survey indicate that there is a strong preference for a truck. When we talk to people they often tell us that we should get a truck. Given Kamloops...

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